5 Fundamental Sales Techniques To Boost Your R.O.I. In 2020

5 Fundamental Sales Techniques To Boost Your R.O.I. In 2020

And, Virat Finishes off in his own style.


I thumped my hand in the enjoyment and opened my Facebook to post about India’s victory against Australia


My news feed was already flooded with the victory posts of India over Australia.

While scrolling through the news feed I suddenly came across a post from Soumik Ghosh stating about his frustration for not getting any clients for his marketing business.


I somewhat related it to my past situations.

I opened the post and scrolled through his comments section, where I discovered one business professional Sandeep commented,



That kinda comment gave me an adrenaline rush, as it reminded me of the toughest days of my life.

How I got kicked in the early days of my career and lost so many high ticket projects due to the lack of sales skills.

I was kind of upset remembering those days.

 My girlfriend kind of saw my depression and sat next to me and asked, What happened?

I said I did so many blunders in my sales pitch in the early days of my career where I landed myself in a situation where I had to keep my house on debt.

My girlfriend held my hand tightly on seeing my situation.


 She exclaimed, Experiences made you a better salesman and today you have grown such a big business just because of those experiences.

After saying this, she left for her household work.

I was left stunned for a few moments and then I tried to flashback those 5 incidents or rather the 5 life lessons, which taught me 5 sales hack which made me what I was today.

5-sales- techniques

Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.

Hi, I am Anuran Das, son of proud parents, boyfriend of supergirl, a fire trainer turned content marketer, now the owner of smart digital marketing helping local and international businesses to grow with the help of content marketing for the last 1 year.

Now, coming to the 5 incidents that turned my debt business into a million-dollar business.

Here, are the

5 best selling techniques that I learned from real life.


1st incident:-


It was December 2014 when I went to meet an educational learning center client. I, took my designer friend and asked him to keep quiet.

 As I was ready with my memorized sales pitch.

The meeting started, within a few moments their company’s investor joined.

As usual, I started my sales pitch:-

I  started to explain some sales promotion techniques like how FB Ads, Google Ads:-  Zip Code targeting will help them to dominate the market.

I started to give them a rough idea about the conversions they will get per month.

I also explained how YouTube ads will maximize their reach.

The investor listened to everything and said good, but I’m sorry we can’t work with you.

sales technique

I was like, Why?

I was literally shocked after such a good sales pitch how could he say that we can’t do business.

He replied, Maybe your product is the best, but I am not interested in your product.

But Sir, Why?

I want a product that will bring value to my organization and how it can take my business to the next level?

The point from you came, you started speaking about your product you are least interested about our sales promotion objectives and if you are not interested to know about our business goals and make your plan or product tailor made according to it, I don’t think it would help my business.

Shreyan , Investor

Sorry, It was nice to meet you.

 Never repeat this mistake again, Have a great day ahead !!!

He walked off after saying these.

Slowly, I walked out of the office too with some rejected face.

Sales- technique

But my friend cheered me, man we will get another high ticket project like this, just think we learned a million-dollar lesson today.

Honestly, speaking that day I was heartbroken.

But,today when I look back I realize it was the best


I  learnt which helped me to close many high ticket clients

Sales- Techniquesjfif

2 nd incident:- 


It was September 2008 when I joined as marketing personnel in a Fire & Safety College, where we were provided with a sheet on the product details.

We were instructed to memorize the

Script for cold call

sales- techniques

 I memorized the script for cold call very well and said to my Marketing Manager. Sir, I am ready for the sales pitch to the cold prospect.

He didn’t ask me to do practice even, rather he handed over the telephone and said go for it.

I was surprised but still, I thought, let’s give it a shot.

So, I dialed the number of the cold prospect.

The prospect picked up the phone and I started with the sales pitch.

Sir, our college has 40 study modules, we are market leaders and blah, blah, blah….

The prospect heard everything and said me, How will I be benefitted?

I was numb and confused, What to answer?


I handed over the phone to my sir:- He discussed all the benefits and fixed a counseling session with the prospect.

After the call was finished, he scolded me and said people want to know:-

 How they will be benefited from the program?

What problems are you solving in his life?

 How this course will fulfill his dreams and aspirations to get a job?

And, in this journey of success how will you groom him with extra bonuses to make him an indispensable man for the corporate world.

Though, I felt ashamed to hear from my boss in front of my colleagues.

But, I learned a valuable insight:-

Never try to sell features, try to sell benefits which helped me a lot in

Business to Consumer Sales pitch.

sales techniques.jpg

3rd Incident:-  


It was probably 2011, September 21st few days before Durga  Puja, I went to Ramkrishna Mission for a proposal to train their students on a crash course for 10 days.

There H.R. & Placement Officer welcomed us and we sat on the table for a meeting.

 I was worried as I had to close down the sales project as early as possible, as there are few more like me waiting to grab the opportunity if I fail.

The meeting started and he was continuously questioning our services, I started to answer boldly.

But, I got nervous on a question :

Sales technique

We don’t know your brand, how can I invest in your module whereas techno institute has also approached, whose brand is more popular than you.

P.P Roy, H.R. & Placement Officer, R.K.M.S.M

I went blank.

I drank a sip of water.

Suddenly, I remembered that there were 2 students from Ramakrishna Mission who pursued our course.

Now, I gained confidence and just told him, they are branded but you are unaware of there services.

But, check the reviews given by your senior students in our F.B. page.

Now, you have two choice, one you hand us the project as we are competent enough, as we are recommended by your own students


You take the risk to hand such a high ticket project to techno who are not so competent with respect to us.

Within, a few moments he closed the deal and handed the proposal letter in hard copy and soft copy in the mail.

My teammates were overwhelmed.

sales- techniques.jfif

But, I know.


I may have achieved success but it could have become vice- versa too.

I understood the real value of branding & social proof.

The training manager was preferring techno just due to its brand positioning in the market and he closed down the deal just due to an emotional social proof trigger.

I realized:-

Branding & Social Proof are the Best techniques to sell a product easily

You have to just position your brand above your competitors and gather lots of social proof and rest sales will automatically fall in place

sales technique.jpeg

4th Incident:- 


The biggest mistake I did in the initial days of 2012 was to over-promise and undersell myself and finally end up in loss always.

I, tried to get as many clients I could by promising big big things for a very nominal amount.

I, pursued almost 30 clients within a month.

I promised the clients to provide designing services, video editing and copywriting services while running ads. The client provided me 12,000 out of which I had to run Rs. 10,000 F.B. Ads and I used to be left with Rs.2000 and within that 2000, I had to pay the designer and video editor good amount for their services.

Finally, I ended making losses.


To cut down the cost, I hired a very cheap designer and the quality was not up to the mark and I started losing clients at a random pace.

I was getting depressed with each passing day, as I didn’t know what to do, neither I had a client nor I could provide good service at such cheap cost.

Finally, I decided to shut down the business model to provide cheap service in a wholesale basis.

I pursued an online course where I learned the advance strategies of closing high ticket deal and pricing strategies.


After completion, I decided to focus on high ticket clients where I could provide quality services and still remain in profit.

And, I closed down 2 sales where I had Rs. 8000 profit from each, and the quality was much higher than previous services and the work pressure was too balanced.

I realized after the success that we should change our mindset:


sales- techniques.jfif

5 th Incident: –


It was probably during December 27 th or 28 th just before the New Year where I was handed a project to submit to NATIONAL SKILL TRAINING INSTITUTE  a proposal to get their students certified in Health & Safety.

I completed the project, 1 week before the meetup.

My, boss called me and I presented the project.


 He canceled everything and said try to be professional.

 Everything depends on your presentation, there will be a thousand project submissions, they will not have time to go through also if you don’t cater to their needs.

I was confused.

He asked me to surf their websites and come up with details of all of their courses.

I wrote it on a page and he separated 20 courses into 4 departments and instructed me to make 4 tailor-made courses according to the 4 department needs.

I came up with it and added a free bonus to strengthen our U.S.P.

Sales techniques.jpg

The project was completed.

We finally had a meeting fixed with NSTI director.

NSTI Director didn’t expect that we have already researched their needs and demands and what could make them benefitted.

He was overwhelmed by our performances.

He exclaimed, let’s sign a Memorandum of Understanding and proceed as early as possible.

After the meeting while drinking tea …..


My boss said to me, I was the Apex Committee member of N.C.V.T,

Selling is all about presenting that product in a unique way which caters their demands and will bring a change to their life.

Mr. A Datta

I learned the 5th Skill Research, Analyze and present yourself in a unique way to bring a positive change to their life.

sales techniques.png

This , incidents sill make me realize today the famous quote:-


These are the  5 easiest:-

Sales technique for closing any deal

Trust me, you can easily close any deal with these 5 sales Techniques

These, 5 mistakes or blessings made me a strong person today mentally to easily close any deal.

For, the last few years, I am focusing on branding and positioning myself as a content marketer in my locality.

The essence of success seems so tasty now.

But, to enjoy success in business life you need to master the fundamental methods of sales promotion.

You can master any tool easily, but not the fundamentals.

Before learning any tools learn first,

Fundamentals of marketing & sales to make a successful business.

Thanks a lot for reading till the very end.

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